Get a good night with a favorite makeup lens fit Lo as headlight palette

A favorite makeup πŸ’« get a good night with the lens fit πŸ’• @Farmasiofficial love yourself and @wetnwildbeauty California Roll as headlamp palette πŸ’«πŸŒŸ Eyeliner @lorealmakeup @essanceistanbul Skin color eyeliner in eye @goldenroseofficial πŸ’• My Eyelashes @kirpikist πŸ’— Eyebrow stabilizer @elfcosmetics πŸ’• . . My Lens @solotica_turki to 'marine' The lenses are so comfortable that I can't tell you land I've used a lot of lenses, you really get them when you use them, it was one of the best 🌟🌟 it says so clearly bakΔ±n if you use lenses, look for sureπŸ’• . . #eyemakeup #eyemakeuptutorial

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